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If you’re a Florida home owner, then you know how essential it is to maintain your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing systems. Luckily, our blog posts have got you covered! We have a wide range of topics to enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency, from how to choose the right AC unit to plumbing repair tips. Our aim is to ensure that your home remains in tip-top shape all-year-round. Whether you want to upgrade your current systems or need advice on repairs, be sure to check out our HVAC and Plumbing Home Improvements blog posts for all your home fixtures needs.

  • Top Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Or Replace Your Plumbing Are you a homeowner wondering if it’s time to upgrade or replace your plumbing? If you’re experiencing issues with your toilet, faucet, or something else, then it may be time to contact a plumber. Here are the top signs to look out for. Leaks Leaks […]

  • When To Repair vs. Replace Your Toilet: Know The Signs If your toilet has been acting up, you could be asking yourself if it’s time to repair or replace it. There are many different signs to look for when considering whether to repair or replace your toilet. When To Repair: The Toilet Won’t Flush – […]

  • Why Spring Is The Best Time To Install Your AC Air conditioning is an investment and one that takes time to plan for. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of a hot Florida summer without AC. To ensure you keep cool and comfortable all summer long, consider installing your […]

  • If you notice that your home is drafty, if your energy bills are going up and the walls facing the exterior of your house are cold, you might need new insulation. New home insulation brings many advantages and can greatly increase your comfort. If you need further convincing, read Freedom Air and Heat’s helpful post […]

  • Finding an HVAC company that works for you can be a little time-consuming. Every customer has different needs and every HVAC company has different strengths. However, there are some aspects important to look out for when searching for an HVAC company for your unit. To help make the process of finding a company a little […]

  • With winter approaching fast, many people are getting their homes ready to take on the cold. As you get yourself prepared for the new season, make sure to inspect your home’s insulation. A well-insulated home can keep the heat in and your home nice and toasty throughout the colder months. Here’s a helpful guide by […]

  • Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting project to take on. However, there are certain risks that come with it. There is greater room for mistakes and one little misstep can potentially have major consequences. To help you out, the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have a list of bathroom remodeling mistakes and how […]

  • Having energy-efficient plumbing can lead to a lower water bill and a better, smoothly functioning plumbing system. That’s why the pros at Freedom Air and Heat are here with some tips on how you can go green with plumbing! 1. Consider Products Approved by ENERGY-STAR Energy Star is a program run by the Environmental Protection […]

  • While homeowners are generally aware of how they can keep their home well-maintained, sometimes it’s a good idea to be given reminders. That’s why the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have come up with a list of ways you can keep your home in the best condition! 1. Change Your Air Filter Changing your […]

  • A sump pump is an important appliance to have if you want to avoid flooding in your crawlspace, basement or the lowest part of your home. The pump is found in a pit or basin in the lower portion of your home. It collects and drains excess water and prevents damage caused by water buildup. […]

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