Sump Pump Service & Repair

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The sump pump in your residential or commercial building has the important duty of preventing flooding in the lowest part of the building. Sump pumps collect and drain excess water and prevent damage created by flooding or water buildup. It is important to ensure that the sump pump functions well and receives necessary maintenance. Otherwise, you place yourself at risk from water damage.

Replace Your Sump PumpFreedom Air and Heat performs a variety of sump pump services in Indian River County and Brevard County.

Sump Pump Testing

It is important to make sure your sump pump is working properly to prevent potential flooding. Make sure the electric system works and the outside pipe is clean to ensure it functions properly. You can also perform this simple test:

  1. Lift the lid from the sump pump
  2. Slowly pour a large amount of water into the system
  3. Wait for the system to turn on, drain the water, and turn off

If any of these procedures fail, your sump pump needs repair. Call a professional plumber to repair the sump pump.

Sump Pump Services

The specialists at Freedom Air and Heat are trained and experienced at handling sump pumps. We provide the following services with the expertise, friendliness, and efficiency you expect from us:

  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Repair of broken or malfunctioning systems
  • Replacement and installation of a new sump pump

Protect your property from flooding and water damage. Contact us today to perform necessary sump pump services with the right tools and at low cost.

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