Whole House Repipe Services

Whole House Repipe Services2023-07-12T11:12:26-04:00

The plumbing pipe systems in older homes and buildings lose their efficiency over time, resulting in cracks that can create issues with the building’s structure. Additionally, older piping is composed of unreliable materials, such as lead that can affect the quality of the water. For these reasons, you may need a repiping service that will replace the existing pipes with newer, more reliable materials.

New PipesFreedom Air and Heat provides repiping services for the communities in the Brevard and Indian River areas.

Signs of Necessary Repiping

It can be hard to determine if the pipes in your plumbing system require replacement or not. Plumbing experts recommend immediate repiping if the pipes are made in the 1970s or before, or if they are galvanized or made from lead, steel, or polybutylene. Other signs that your building needs repiping include:

  • Rust-colored, smelly water
  • Pipes filled with rust or mineral deposits
  • Drastic changes in water pressure
  • Constant leaks, cracks, and damage

If you notice one or more of these signs, consider calling a professional for possible repiping services.

Professional Repipe Services

Our plumbing technicians are licensed, certified, and experienced with handling large repiping projects. We will handle the process professionally and promptly, using specialized equipment. We also offer the most reliable piping materials in PEX and copper. These options generally last longer, protect the integrity of your water, and are less expensive to install and maintain.

Contact Freedom Air and Heat today for expert repiping projects of any type.

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