Palm Bay Air Conditioning Replacement and Service

Palm Bay Air Conditioning Replacement and Service2023-07-20T19:46:41-04:00

Palm Bay’s recent history began in the 1850s when the first European settlers built homes along Turkey Creek

palm bay fl air conditioner installationOriginally referred to as Tillman, by the mid-nineteenth century there was a lumbering operation, packing house, and orange groves. Growth was slow until the arrival of the railroad in 1894. Then goods were brought in and produce was shipped to market faster. Between 1910 and 1914, Tillman became the center for a land company known as the Indian River Catholic Colony. Attempting to grow two crops a season, farmers quickly depleted the soil, and the colony failed. Those remaining built St. Joseph’s Church on Miller Street, the oldest building still standing. In the 1920s, the city was renamed after the bay bordered with sabal palm trees known as Palm Bay, located at the mouth of Turkey Creek. Call Freedom Air today if you need quick AC Repairs, Heating or Indoor Air Quality services.

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