Professional Ductwork Installation

Professional Ductwork Installation2024-02-20T12:53:48-04:00

One of the most overlooked yet crucial parts of an HVAC system is the ductwork. Without a way to route the air from your heater or air conditioner, you and your family can’t enjoy the comfortable temperatures you want.

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Why Proper Ductwork Installation is Important

Even the best HVAC systems won’t function properly without excellent ductwork installation. Cheap materials and poor handiwork can lead to a whole host of problems including:

  • Higher energy bills. Excessive ductwork routing or crushed pieces cause your heater and air conditioner to work much harder to regulate temperatures. In turn, you’ll be spending a lot more money each month keeping your home comfortable.
  • More inconsistent temperatures. Bad ductwork routing also leads to less consistent temperature control within your home. If one register is releasing more air than the others are, you’ll end up with hot or cold spots.
  • Shorter unit lifespans. Yes, poorly installed ductwork can actually do serious damage to your heater and air conditioner and significantly shorten its life. Crushed ductwork, especially, creates pressure and resistance your unit must overcome. These systems are not designed to work under those conditions and the added strain wears out important components, and will force you to shell out several thousand dollars on a new setup much sooner than you should need to.

Why Freedom Air and Heat

At Freedom Air and Heat, we understand why it’s so important to have ductwork properly installed. Our N.A.T.E.-certified technicians know exactly how to route and install your components for maximum efficiency and longevity. Plus, we’ve made it a personal commitment to put our customers first, so you can enjoy the service you deserve.

We don’t just do whole ductwork installation, however. We also offer cleaning and repair services to freshen up your existing ductwork if there are no other problems. Whatever your heating and cooling needs, we can help. Give us a call today.

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