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9 Cost-Free Ways to Improve Your AC Efficiency

As temperatures and utility bills reach a fever pitch this summer, homeowners across Florida are looking for ways to improve their AC efficiency. Freedom Air is here with 9 ways you can improve the function of your AC unit, all by yourself. 1. Increase the Temperature on Your Thermostat A few degrees make a big […]


5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving is an exhausting, and often expensive, undertaking. If you’re moving out, the last thing you need is a notice your security deposit will not be returned. If you want your deposit returned, you will probably need to make a few repairs. Some repairs are easy. For example, a dirty tub can be cleaned, and […]


12 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Did you know that on an 80-degree day, the temperature inside your car can reach over 120 degrees? Aside from the discomfort and physical harm of being exposed to this level of heat, it can also damage the interior of your car. To help you beat the heat, Freedom Air and Heat is here to […]


5 Home Ventilation Tips

Although there are many advantages that come with the airtight building construction in today’s world, it can be a double-edged-sword when it comes to indoor air quality. While you can save money from the lower energy waste, indoor air pollution increases if you cannot facilitate the necessary exchange of indoor and outdoor air. To help […]


How to Dehumidify Your Home This Summer

  In many ways, the humidity of Florida summers can make the outdoors feel like hell on Earth! However, this heat can become even more unbearable when the inside of your home is saturated with the same extreme moisture. Are you in the throes of battling indoor humidity in your home? Well, the team at […]


6 Types of AC Systems: Which One is Right for You?

  Most of the time, we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. However, the heat of Florida summers can sometimes leave us day-dreaming about taking a long, arctic cruise to colder climates! The right cooling system can make a dramatic difference, even on the hottest summer days. Are you ready to discover which system is right […]


8 Cinco de Mayo Events in Indian River County

  As residents of Indian River County, the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have proudly provided our HVAC services to the families of this great county for years. While our experience serving homeowners in this area has shown us how essential functioning AC is in the Florida heat, we’ve also learned how much fun […]


How to Manage Indoor Humidity

It’s no secret that Florida summers are insanely humid. In fact, the humidity levels in our great state usually persist throughout the year, making indoor humidity a daily reality for most homeowners. Are you battling with humidity in your home? Well, the knowledgeable team at Freedom Air and Heat is here to tell you how […]


The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

As most homeowners in Florida know, the level of comfort and happiness in your household is only as high as the efficiency of your AC system. However, finding the system that provides year-round comfort to every member of your household can feel like a hunt for the holy grail. Luckily, the experts at Freedom Air […]


4 Sounds Your AC Unit Should Not Make

Overtime, we tend to get used to the various noises around our house. In fact, these noises can even become a comforting symbol of the familiar. However, there are some noises that you should not get too comfortable hearing, especially if they are coming from your HVAC system. To help you become a pro at […]

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