Garbage Disposal Repair and Installations

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installations2023-07-12T10:37:14-04:00

Garbage disposals are useful appliances that get rid of food and waste easily and with little effort. However, these systems are also often overlooked until they stop working, causing problems for your household or business. Clogged and malfunctioning garbage disposals create an annoyance for residences and costly downtime for restaurants.

The plumbing experts at Freedom Air and Heat will lend a helping hand for all garbage disposal problems in Brevard County and Indian River County. We perform garbage disposal inspection, repair and installation services.

Causes for Garbage Disposal Problems

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Most garbage disposal systems use a small motor with impellers that, alongside running sink water, turn solid waste into liquid waste that travels easily down the pipes. Commercial kitchens usually have more complex systems with higher horsepower. Even though these systems seem like they can handle anything, certain types and quantities of food waste can create clogs and blockage.

These problematic waste items include:

  • Foods with fiber (celery, banana peels)
  • Oil, grease, or waste that contains these substances
  • Meat, lard, and bones
  • Large seeds and pits
  • Big, hard food waste
  • Non-organic waste

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Once you call our specialists, we will arrive to inspect and locate the problem. If your system needs repair, we will handle the process as efficiently as possible. If you need a system replacement, we will recommend the best garbage disposal to meet your needs and budget. We also handle new disposal installation.

Contact Freedom Air and Heat for all garbage disposal services.

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