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How to Replace Your AC Filter

Consistently replacing your AC filter is one of the most common and effective ways to maintain your AC. Failing to change a dirty or clogged AC filter can lead to worse indoor air quality, higher energy costs as well as decrease your AC’s efficiency. Ideally, you should change your AC filter every month or two […]


How to Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Home

It’s summer in the Sunshine State and that means everyone is looking for ways to save money on their utility bill. But most homeowners don’t know that savings are often found in their thermostat. Updating your thermostat can help you optimize the work of your HVAC unit, and save you money on heating and cooling. […]


5 Easy Tips to Maintain an Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home. What will you do when it suddenly malfunctions? You’ll surely be sweating in the 90-plus-degree heat. To make sure that your air conditioning unit stays at tip-top shape through the years, you’ll need to take care of it properly. Here are some maintenance tips […]


How to Dehumidify Your Home This Summer

  In many ways, the humidity of Florida summers can make the outdoors feel like hell on Earth! However, this heat can become even more unbearable when the inside of your home is saturated with the same extreme moisture. Are you in the throes of battling indoor humidity in your home? Well, the team at […]


How to Manage Indoor Humidity

It’s no secret that Florida summers are insanely humid. In fact, the humidity levels in our great state usually persist throughout the year, making indoor humidity a daily reality for most homeowners. Are you battling with humidity in your home? Well, the knowledgeable team at Freedom Air and Heat is here to tell you how […]


4 Sounds Your AC Unit Should Not Make

Overtime, we tend to get used to the various noises around our house. In fact, these noises can even become a comforting symbol of the familiar. However, there are some noises that you should not get too comfortable hearing, especially if they are coming from your HVAC system. To help you become a pro at […]


Simple Solutions to Common AC Problems

With the sweltering heat that Florida summers bring, most of us keep our AC running 24/7. While this is usually a necessity to beat the summer heat, our AC units can take a beating from working so hard to keep us cool. Luckily, there are many AC issues you can encounter that are totally repairable […]


How Often Should I Get My AC Tuned Up?

  As a Florida resident, you live for that invigorating first step indoors during the summer months. You know that moment I am talking about – you open your front door to a rejuvenating blast of cold air as you abandon the heat for your air-conditioned home. Imagine losing that relief from the heat if […]


How to Beat the Heat With Natural Methods

What’s the best way to make sure your home doesn’t get too hot? Obviously, the easy answer is to just use your AC for a significant portion of the day. That’s one way to do it, and it makes the most sense. It’s simple, too, because all you’ve got to do is flip a switch […]


Reduce Humidity in Your Cocoa Home

Humidity is impossible to ignore in the east Florida area we live in. As we approach the official beginning of the summer months, the amount of humidity in the air is going to grow larger and larger, and then we’ll be scrambling to crank up the air conditioner as high as it will go.

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