Top 6 Common AC Problems In Summer

Top 6 Common AC Problems In Summer

Published On: May 1st, 20243 min readViews: 0Categories: Air Conditioning

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Top 6 Common AC Problems In Summer

If you live in Cocoa, FL or the surrounding areas, then you know all too well how hot the summer’s can get. There’s nothing like being stuck inside with AC this time of year. Unfortunately, there are common problems homeowners face that you could benefit from knowing ahead of time. In this blog, we’ll cover the top 6 common AC problems to be aware of this summer.

1. Clogged Air Filters

When’s the last time you changed your air filters? While this is one the easiest HVAC tasks for homeowners, it’s also one that is most forgotten about. Once your air filter gets clogged with dirt, dust, debris, and other pollutants, it can cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. Not only that, but it can also cause poor indoor air quality, which is especially concerning for those living with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions already.

2. Dirty Outdoor Unit

If you have an outdoor unit, then it’s a good idea you clean it this summer. Overtime, debris has accumulated around your unit and can cause obstruction of airflow. Removing dirt, debris, branches, leaves, and other items that have accumulated around your unit will help improve the airflow and also prevent it from overheating this summer.

3. Not Working

If your air conditioner isn’t working, then this can be cause for concern. First, check your thermostat settings to make sure your thermostat is on and set correctly. Then, check your circuit breaker. If you still can’t find the cause of the problem, then call your local HVAC technician to diagnose and fix the issue for you.

4. Doesn’t Cool Properly

If your unit is working but not cooling as well as it should, then there could be a number of things wrong with it. It could be due to a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels, or a blocked condensate drain, to name a few. Contact your HVAC technician to diagnose the issue for you and get your AC running smoothly and efficiently again.

5. Low On Refrigerant

Your refrigerant levels should never change. That being said, if you notice you’re low on refrigerant, then this is likely due to leaks – which shouldn’t be ignored. Not only can leaks decrease the efficiency of your unit, but they can also lead to severe health issues for you and your family and should be taken seriously. If you notice you are low on refrigerant, contact an HVAC technician right away to have it looked at. This is never anything that you should handle on your own.

6. Lack of Maintenance

Last but not least, lack of maintenance is probably one of the most common AC problems we see. When your unit isn’t well-maintained and properly cared for it, it won’t work at peak efficiency and may even fail much quicker than if you had it serviced once a year. To ensure your AC unit doesn’t run into problems during the summertime each year, make sure to have it maintained regularly by a professional.

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