Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water Heater Repair & Replacement2023-07-12T11:37:22-04:00

The water heater is one of the most reliable parts of your plumbing system. It provides hot water to your household or business, which has numerous functions, from comfortable showers to cooking.

Freedom Air and Heat understands the value of the water heater and provides water heater services and installations for the people of Brevard County and Indian River County.

Water Heater RepairsWater Heater Repair

A defective or malfunctioning water heater is easy to notice. Tinted water, lack of hot water, or strange noises from the heater unit indicate the unit requires repair. Our technicians can assess the current issue and use our advanced equipment to repair the problem as quickly as possible. We can schedule formal appointments or perform emergency repairs.

Water Heater Maintenance

A proper maintenance routine can extend the life of the water heater unit and prevent the need for water heater repairs. Schedule a yearly maintenance routine with us to ensure that the water heater stays in perfect condition.

Water Heater Installation

Sometimes, the water heater is too old or the damage is too expensive to repair. If you need a new heater, our professionals can help you determine whether your building will benefit from a new conventional or tankless unit. We will help you choose the most efficient equipment and install it properly and safely, so you can enjoy the benefits of warm water as fast as possible.

Contact us today for all your water heater needs.

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