Priority Service Club for HVAC Repair

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Why Should I Have Preventive Maintenance?

Here in Florida, your comfort is extremely important to you and your family. Each day you depend on your air conditioning system to efficiently provide cool, healthy air. However, neglecting your heating or air conditioning system can be a recipe for hefty energy usage or even worse, FAILURE!

A well maintained air conditioning system will run smoothly, efficiently and is far less likely to break down. Plus, your air conditioning electricity usage could be reduced by as much as 20 percent.

Service Department

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My Air Conditioner Is Fairly New!

Did you know that most manufacturers recommend routine maintenance on their air conditioning systems? This is because a large part of air conditioning failures are due to lack of or improper maintenance. If your air conditioning system is new, now is the best time to keep it operating that way. With routine maintenance on a new system, you can prevent power-robbing dirt from building up on the moving parts. Mold can be spotted and dealt with early on, before it fills your air conditioner or duct work. Costly multiple part failures can be prevented, It is like having an oil change for your car.

You Charge By The Month, Not All Up Front, Why?

We understand that remembering to have your air conditioning system maintenance is about as exciting as paying for it. Fortunately, we have developed a simplified plan to make it easier to do both. With your service plan, we will mail you a reminder when it is time for your maintenance. If you don’t want to pay for the plan all at once, all you have to do is provide a voided check or valid credit card and we can debit the service plan you choose monthly. Most companies charge up front for the entire year. Some even bill for multiple years. What happens if you choose to change companies or move? Do you lose that money? With your service plan, if you have the plan for eight months, we only charge you for eight months. What’s to lose?

Service Membership Details

The plans we offer are an excellent, affordable way to avoid costly repair, replacement and inconvenience. Our plans are designed to work like a smoke alarm. They help prevent major problems by catching the fire before it becomes an inferno. Make your best choice for savings, response, reliability, protection, care and safety by choosing the plan that fits your comfort.

Energy Savings Agreement Membership

Priority Service!!!

As an ESA (Energy Savings Agreement) member, you are guaranteed a same-day appointment and moved to priority #1
One after-hours service call
One normal hours service call
One 32-point precision tune-up
And you receive 10 percent off parts and Freon & 5% off new equipment in-between tune-ups. By performing a precision tune-up, you will protecting your investment in your home comfort system and cutting down costly power usage all at the same time.

All this for $179.00 a year or $14.99 a month. That’s a full year of protection for only 49 cents a day.

For only $20 more, we also offer an ESA + Plumbing membership which includes everything in our ESA package along with a free annual plumbing inspection for $199 a year or $16.58 a month.

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