High Pressure Drain Cleaning

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The sewer and drain pipes in your residential or commercial building can become clogged or blocked by debris. Excrement, hair, oils, grease, and other waste components difficult to break down can build up over time and create an obstruction in the system. High pressure cleaning technology can handle these heavy-duty clogs with greater efficiency and safety, with less cost to you. 

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At Freedom Air and Heat, we are dedicated to using the latest plumbing technology to serve the Brevard and Indian River counties. One of these innovations is high pressure cleaning, also known as hydrojetting.

Cleaning Process

Once they arrive at your location, our professionals simply locate an access point to your sewer system and use a nose with a specialized nozzle. These nozzles have 360-degree functionality and spray high pressure water inside the pipes, clearing away any blockage. This service uses clean, reliable water instead of expensive, damaging and foul-smelling chemicals.

Commercial Services

Professional kitchens in fast food restaurants, office break rooms, and hospitals are more likely to suffer pipe blockage due to the high amount of food waste, soap, and other components. High pressure cleaning is necessary for these commercial locations.

Other High Pressure Cleaning Services

High pressure cleaning is useful in a variety of other situations, including:

  • Septic tank line cleaning
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Parking lot and house exterior cleaning
  • Preventive pipe cleaning

No matter the situation, contact us today for high pressure cleaning services handled by trained specialists with high-quality equipment.

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