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Clogs in your plumbing and sewer systems are among the most common plumbing issues you will face. They can affect your sinks, toilets, drains, garbage disposals, and other systems. While some clogs can be dealt with using a plunger or a snake, many of them are too complex or dangerous for an inexperienced person to handle. Leaving clogs untreated can cause water buildup, leaks, and other damages to the plumbing system or the structure of the building.

Clogged Kitchen DrainFreedom Air and Heat will handle any clog in your residential or commercial building. We service the residents of the Brevard and Indian River counties.

Common Clog Causes

Most clog cases in your home or business are caused when the following items build up in the pipe:

  • Certain food waste
  • Excrement
  • Hair buildups
  • Bathroom accessories and hygiene products
  • Other small trash

Some of these clogs are easy to treat with the right tools. If these methods prove ineffective, contact a professional to guarantee a safe and effective solution to the clog.

Professional Sewer Clog Services

There are also clogs that can affect your building’s main sewer line. These obstructions are caused by massive buildups of food or waste, tree roots, or structural issues caused by older pipes. Sewer clogs are more severe and affect the entire plumbing of your house, even causing multiple clogs at once. Do not attempt to handle them yourself. Contact us to resolve this problem with effective techniques and the appropriate equipment.

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