Remodels and Plumbing Upgrades

Remodels and Plumbing Upgrades2023-07-12T10:54:51-04:00

The plumbing system and fixtures in your home or commercial building are great when they are new, but over time these systems start to wear out. You may need to upgrade your systems to guarantee efficient use. Alternatively, you may also simply wish to remodel your bathroom, restroom, or kitchen. Either way, you will need a renovation of your plumbing system.

reasons your garbage disposal isn't workingThe trained plumbing specialists at Freedom Air and Heat will provide extensive remodel and upgrade services for your bathroom and kitchens. We provide our services to residents of Indian River County and Brevard County.

Residential and Commercial Remodels

The installation of new or upgraded components will satisfy your plumbing needs and prevent potential issues. You might also just feel that your home or commercial bathrooms and kitchens need a new look and feel. It makes sense to not just change the appearance and layout of the rooms, but also install a new plumbing system to go along with it.

Our plumbing experts will suggest the best materials and equipment for your remodel that meet your needs, budget, and building compliance. For full-scale or commercial remodeling projects, we also work with your designer or contractor to bring your vision of a new kitchen or bathroom to life.

Upgrades and Replacements

Freedom Air and Heat provides upgrades and replacements for all remodel projects, including toilets, faucets, showerheads, sinks, bathtubs, and more, as well as necessary pipe maintenance or repair. Contact us today to learn more about our various remodel services.

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