Toilet Repair & Replacement

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The toilet is the most hardworking fixture in your home or commercial building. It is easy for users to take it for granted, but when it runs into problems, it is noticeable and can affect the daily activities of your household or business.

The professionals at Freedom Air and Heat understand the importance of the toilet in the residential or commercial building. We provide toilet-related services for clients in Brevard County and Indian River County.

ways to unclog your toiletToilet Repair

Some toilet issues do not require an entire replacement. Often, a simple repair job can fix most of the problems. However, you should let a trained professional handle these repairs to ensure they are done correctly. We can repair the following toilet problems:

  • Toilet clogs
  • External leaks
  • Running water and internal leaks
  • Repair or replacement of faulty components

Toilet Replacement

There are situations where the damage is either irreparable or too costly when compared to obtaining and installing a new toilet. The replacement and installation of a new toilet can be a complicated process. Our specialists are more than glad to handle it for you. We can choose the best unit for your location, needs, and budget, install the unit efficiently, and make sure the toilet functions properly.

Whether your toilet needs repair or replacement, Freedom Air and Heat can handle the process and make it affordable, fast, and hassle-free. Contact us at any time for all your toilet repair needs.

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