Replace Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is an important appliance to have if you want to avoid flooding in your crawlspace, basement or the lowest part of your home. The pump is found in a pit or basin in the lower portion of your home. It collects and drains excess water and prevents damage caused by water buildup. If your home has a sump pump, it’s important to ensure that it is functioning properly. Otherwise you could run the risk of flooding, water damage or moisture build-up in your home.

Like all devices, sump pumps sometimes become old and deteriorate – that’s when it is time to replace them. If you’re not sure whether you should get a new sump pump or not, Freedom Air and Heat is here to help you decide. Here are some important signs it’s time to replace your sump pump.

It’s Making Too Much Noise

When water starts filling up in the basin, the sump pump turns on automatically through a float activator arm or pressure sensor. Once it is on, a fan called the impeller starts to move and forces water out a pipe. This is how the water drains away from your home. Since there are a lot of machines at work, general, motor-like noises are normal.

However, if your sump pump starts making excessive noise, for longer periods, this could be indicative of damaged or loose parts. Your motor could most likely have a failing bearing. Or if there are excessive rattling or grinding noises, there is a chance some debris or dirt got caught in the impeller.

You can easily fix this problem on your own by unplugging the pump from the power supply and lifting the lid off the sump pump. If you notice any debris lodged in it, very carefully clean it out. If there has been a lot of damage or there are signs of deterioration you might have to get repairs or even a replacement. Your sump pump might excessively vibrate if there has been extensive damage to the impeller.

Pump Runs for A Long Time

If your sump pump is running for longer periods, it might not have sufficient power to handle the amount of water coming into the basin, push it out through the drainpipes or go the distance it must to pump the water. You might have to find the right-sized pump so it can efficiently drain away the water from the basin.

To find the right sump pump you will need to determine the layout of the drainpipes, the distance they cover and the potential volume of water. Usually, the pipes that carry the water away are rather long and have several turns and elbows. Your pump needs to have enough horsepower to push water through them.

It’s Rusting Up

When your pump is constantly exposed to water, it is likely to develop rusting and discoloration because of iron bacteria. A lot of the rust can show up around the battery terminals and along pipes, causing water flow problems in your drainage system. If you see visible rust developing around your sump, you might want to consider replacing it or at least getting it serviced.

Sump Pump Is Old

Like all machines, the sump pump does not last forever, especially considering how it is constantly exposed to water and uses a lot of power to pump water away from your home. If your sump pump is seven years or older, you should go ahead and replace it.

Service Your Sump Pump with Freedom Air and Heat

To prevent problems with your sump pump and any flooding problems, it is best to consistently test it. If you see any signs of malfunction or deterioration, get in touch with the pros at Freedom Air and Heat. Our team offers sump pump maintenance, repair and replacement and will ensure it is working properly to prevent any water damage to your home. Call us today 321-631-6886 or schedule an appointment online!