Common Home Water Leaks

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average household’s water leaks can account for up 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year. A shortage in water can be damaging to our communities and environment, which is why it is important conserve water whenever we can. One way you can be an active citizen is by tackling any plumbing leaks around your home. According to the EPA, homeowners can save about 10 percent on their water bills by correcting easily fixed water leaks. To help you out, the team at Freedom Air and Heat, Inc. is here to tell you about some common home water leaks and how you can fix them!

Toilet Leak

  • Deteriorated Flapper

The flapper is the seal between the toilet tank and bowl. Attached through the flush lever with a chain, the flapper lifts to let water into the bowl whenever you flush. If the flapper is damaged or the chain is too short, excess water might be leaking into the bowl.

To ensure that the flapper is the cause of the toilet leak, push down on it to see if the leaking stops—if it does, you might need to replace your flapper. Luckily, toilet flappers and seals are available at many home improvement stores and are reasonably priced. In addition, if you feel the chain is the wrong length, you can extend or shorten it accordingly.

  • Wrong Float Level

Your toilet has a float to maintain the water level in the toilet tank. If the float is set a lower level, it will flush too weakly and if it is set too high, then water will be wasted by leaking through the overflow tube. With an arm float, you can simply move it up or down to adjust the level. If you have a cup float, you can slide a clip or turn a screw along the rod to adjust the water level.

  • Broken Flange

A flange is the seal between the toilet horn (the part where the waste exits) and the drain line. If you see pools of water along the base of your toilet, you might be dealing with a broken flange. This is a bit of a nastier problem, so you might have to call a plumber. However, if you have some experience with plumbing repairs, you can give it a shot by yourself!

Shower Leak

  • Loose Showerhead

A leaky showerhead is a very common problem, but it can also be easy to fix. Try tightening the showerhead to the pipe stem, to ensure it is secured properly. You can also try using Teflon tape. If tightening the showerhead does not work, you might be dealing with a worn-out O-ring and you might have to replace it.

  • Caulk Leaks

If water splashes on the caulking around your tub, it is likely that the caulking will deteriorate overtime. Clean up the area and apply caulk to any gaps or cracks. In addition, be sure to wipe the area around the bathtub whenever you’re done showering.

Faucet Leak

  • Worn Out O-ring

The O-ring of your faucet is located under the handles and spout of your faucet. They are meant to keep water from leaking or dripping around your sink. However, O-rings can wear out over time because of frequent use. If you’re dealing with a leaky faucet, you might be dealing with a deteriorated O-ring. O-ring replacements can be found in home improvement stores and are under $10.

Prevent Leaks with Freedom Air and Heat, Inc.

Now that you have this list of common home water leaks, you should have an easier time troubleshooting them. If water leaks continue to occur in your home, you might have to call a plumber. Get in touch with one of the plumbers from Freedom Air and Heat, Inc. Our professionals will ensure your home is completely leak-free! Call us today at 321-631-6886 or fill out a service request form online!