ways to improve your ac efficiency

As temperatures and utility bills reach a fever pitch this summer, homeowners across Florida are looking for ways to improve their AC efficiency. Freedom Air is here with 9 ways you can improve the function of your AC unit, all by yourself.

1. Increase the Temperature on Your Thermostat

A few degrees make a big difference. Increasing the temperature in your home when you are asleep or absent is a painless way to save money this summer. While this change can be done manually, smart thermostats enable you to set up a unique cooling schedule that suits your family’s needs and habits.

2. Clean your Air Filters

Clogged, dirty filters make it harder for the AC unit to push air into your home, reducing its efficiency. Clean filters reduce the energy used by the unit to cool your home. If your AC filters are washable, you can clean them with water and a mild detergent.

3. Keep Heat-Producing Elements Away from Temperature Sensors

Heat-producing elements like irons, ovens, lamps, and televisions can trick thermostats into thinking your house is hotter than it actually is. Keeping these objects away from your thermostat will prevent your AC unit from over-cooling your home.

4. Unblock Vents

Indoor supply vents blocked with debris or objects are a major source of AC unit inefficiency. When dirt, furniture, toys, rugs, or blinds get in the way of vents, the unit pours more energy into cooling your home. Cleaning your vents and moving these objects will increase efficiency.

5. Close the Blinds, Run the Fan

Your AC unit is not the only way to cool your home. Instead of turning to the thermostat when you’re too warm, try closing the blinds and turning on your ceiling fan first.

6. Make Use of Zoning Options

If your home has a central cooling system, making use of zoning could save you money on your utility bill. By choosing to cool only certain rooms in your house, rather than all rooms, you will use your AC unit more efficiently.

7. Avoid Increasing Humidity

Florida humidity is intense. It makes the already extreme summer heat even more unbearable. Keeping your home as dry as possible will decrease your need for cooling. Waiting to shower, mop, or place clothes on a drying rack until nighttime will reduce the humidity in your house, and help you resist adjusting the thermostat. For ways to dehumidify your home click here.

8. Cover Skylights

In the winter, skylights can be wonderful sources of free heat. But in the summer, skylights are an over-looked contributor to expensive energy bills. Consider covering them to save a few bucks this season.

9. Protect the Unit from the Sun

An overheated unit is a common, yet preventable source of AC inefficiency. Shading your outside AC unit from the sun with an awning or mesh will prevent expensive overheating episodes.

Need even more ways to improve your AC efficiency? Call Freedom Air today! If you are still struggling with high utility bills, or if your AC unit is on the fritz, let the experienced HVAC technicians at Freedom Air help. Contact us at 321-631-6886, or fill out a service request form on our website.