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How to Know When to Replace Your Furnace

Your furnace is always there in your home, silently purring as it keeps powering the air system that flows throughout your home. However, there comes a time when it – like all appliances – has to go. The problem is figuring out when you should pull the trigger, so to speak, and swap it out […]


Troubleshooting Your Gas Furnace

Well, it’s here. The cold weather has returned after a long vacation, and it’s made its presence known. Maybe it will be around for a while, but seeing as how we’re in Florida, it will probably be gone before we know it. While it’s sticking around, though, we need to make sure our furnaces are […]


Does My Furnace Need to Be Tuned Up?

The transition to colder weather involves a lot of turning gears and moving parts, both literally and figuratively. You’ve got to mentally prepare yourself for colder weather – although that’s not always a given here in Cocoa – as well as switching to different equipment. No appliance might be more critical to staying comfortable in […]


3 Reasons to Join Our Priority Service Club

Having the convenience of modern AC in our homes is one of the many advantages we enjoy by living in the age we do. Few things are as great as getting home, cranking the temperature way down and feeling the blast of air hit us as we take refuge from the heat outside. Unfortunately, sometimes […]


How to Tell if Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

A furnace is one of our most trusted appliances in the home. When it’s chugging along, heating and cooling our home like it’s supposed to, you hardly notice it – if at all. Only when that well-oiled machine breaks down do you become aware of how important it is to maintaining the level of comfort […]