Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The time spent with family and friends, feasting around a table together, creates some incredible memories, and you don’t want something as irritating as poor air quality getting in the way of it.

Few things have the potential to ruin a promising Thanksgiving like yucky, contaminant-filled air, and we want to help you do everything possible to ensure that isn’t a problem you have to deal with. Follow just a few of these steps and you’ll be sure you and the people in your home can enjoy Thanksgiving and not have to worry about air problems!

Inspect Your Filter – Even If It’s Not Time for a Replacement

The best line of defense you have against the polluted air that comes from a massive group of people all gathered in one place is a robust air filter. You might have just replaced yours — and if that’s the case, then it shouldn’t need a new filter, but it can’t hurt.

All that air is going to get circulated a lot quicker than normal, and we recommend installing a new air filter before the festivities get underway, just to be safe.

Dust Everything

But what good is that air filter it’s already under assault from an avalanche of airborne allergens and pollutants. Dust has undoubtedly accumulated in your home, in every nook and cranny imaginable, so it’s a good idea to dust and vacuum as much as possible.

Even though your home might be good to go on Thanksgiving without this pre-holiday cleaning, you’d rather be safe than sorry when guests get there and begin congregating. Skip the risk and carve out a few hours to dust everything down ahead of time!

Keep Exhaust Fans Running

Lots of people in a confined area means lots of stale air, perfume and other chemicals being inhaled, and lots of food being cooked means lots of steam and smoke. All those extra airborne molecules need to go somewhere!

Leave exhaust fans running as much as possible. In your bathrooms, over the stove, even the furnace: these fans will suck up the undesirable air and keep it away from you and your guests, leaving you with healthier air.

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

There’s still one thing that will help your air remain cleaner than any DIY task can: scheduling an appointment with a professional – like the experts at Freedom Air & Heat!

If you’d rather have the peace of mind to know that your indoor air quality will be as crystal-clear as possible come Thanksgiving, call a technician and have them complete a thorough assessment. You’ll find out where the trouble spots are and identify the best path to a solution, quickly and efficiently.


Freedom Air & Heat’s indoor air quality specialists will work with you to develop a comprehensive air quality solution for your home, and we’ll do it honestly and professionally. You never have to worry about us nickel-and-diming you! We want all our Cocoa neighbors to enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest.

Give us a call at 321-631-6886 to find out how we can help you out!