furnace repairs

Furnaces are complicated, finicky units of machinery. They’ve got a lot of parts, and all it takes for the whole thing to come screeching to a halt (sometimes literally) is one loose component or faulty wire. But when something goes wrong, it’s fairly difficult to figure it out on your own – unless you’re a mechanical wizard or something.

While we can’t diagnose your furnace’s problem without inspecting it in person, we’ve come to see a few problems more than others. Here are a couple of the more frequent furnace repairs we at Freedom Air & Heat perform – and why they pop up in the first place.

Blower Motor Constantly Running

Usually, your HVAC unit cycles on and off, heating air and blowing it through your home’s circulation system before shutting off once it reaches the desired temperature. But sometimes, the blower motor keeps running. It continually funnels air through the vents and, for whatever reason, it won’t stop.

What’s happening is that your furnace isn’t registering what the temperature is. This could be because of a faulty thermostat – which can’t tell how hot or cold it is in your home – or because of a wiring issue.

Clogged Gas Line

It’s hard to tell when you’ve got a clogged gas line. Obviously, if your furnace doesn’t run on natural gas, then you won’t encounter this situation.

Figuring out that this is the specific problem plaguing your furnace can be difficult because the symptoms are more general in nature. You’ll notice a lack of heat in the home, because the gas that powers the furnace won’t be able to reach your unit.

More likely than not, you’ll find out about a clogged gas line because your furnace won’t heat your home – but this issue should be handled promptly, since a clogged gas line isn’t anything to play around with. They can lead to serious natural gas-related issues such as total gas line replacement or a leak, if the problem lasts long enough. Don’t try this one yourself — call a professional to take a look.

Faulty Pilot Light

The pilot light is the key to the whole operation. Without a functioning one, your furnace probably won’t be able to ignite properly, meaning your furnace won’t be much good for anything until that problem is addressed.

To tell if your pilot light is faulty, check the color. It should be tall and blue, and a light that isn’t working right will be yellow. This happens when the pilot light isn’t receiving enough air, or when the sensor is dirty.

It’s a fairly simple problem to correct, but it’s still something that should be left to someone who has been trained and has experience in this area.

If your furnace is dealing with any of these issues – or another one we didn’t touch on – don’t hesitate to call Freedom Air & Heat at 321-631-6886. Our team members are here to help, and they’ll get your furnace back in tip-top shape before you know it!