reduce humidity in your home

Humidity is impossible to ignore in the east Florida area we live in. As we approach the official beginning of the summer months, the amount of humidity in the air is going to grow larger and larger, and then we’ll be scrambling to crank up the air conditioner as high as it will go.

There are ways to reduce that dreaded humidity level, however, and a sizable amount of them are doable right at home – without spending a ton of money on pricey equipment! Freedom Air and Heat has a few tips to help you overcome the deluge and ensure your home remains moisture-free (as much as possible) and comfortable. However, if you’d prefer to avoid the DIY steps and go straight to the professionals, we offer comprehensive home cooling solutions that will improve the air quality of your home in no time.

Solutions That Help Reduce Humidity in Your Home

  • The first key is to make sure your home has sufficient ventilation. Moisture spreads when the air is stagnant, so ensuring your home has circulation – leading to the outdoors – is imperative. Open some doors or windows for a few minutes each day to help keep everything moving.
  • Some plants are well-suited to soaking up excess moisture in the air. For instance, the Tillandsia doesn’t even have a root system through which to absorb water. Instead, they use their leaves, which allows them to survive in significantly more adverse conditions than other plants would.
  • Use your nose. Sometimes, moisture can develop over time and give off unpleasant odors. Follow the smell to the source and find out what’s causing it – it might be a leak or another problem that has been leading to the humidity.
  • Did you know how much your shower-taking habits can affect the level of humidity in your home? The Environmental Protection Agency says the normal amount is between 30 and 50 percent, but a shower can increase that to 60 percent, just like that! To help keep that number down, consider taking shorter, cooler showers.
  • Now, for clothes. When they’re damp or wet, avoid letting them lay around, because undesirable molecules can form as the moisture lingers. And instead of throwing them in a dryer, consider using a line-drying strategy. You’ll use less energy as well!
  • To follow Occam’s razor, the simplest solution might be the best. In this case, that can be just running your air conditioner. It can get expensive to have it on full-blast for a lot of the day, but keeping the air moving will, as we talked about earlier, promote proper ventilation and limit the amount of moisture that stands still.

If all else fails – or if you want one clean, thorough solution – an investment in a dehumidifier will do the trick. It’ll soak up the humidity all at once, leaving you free to worry about whatever else demands your attention. Keep in mind, though, that there is significant variation in the types of dehumidifiers available, and they can range in effectiveness and price.

Of course, if you’d prefer to avoid that altogether and leave the solution in the hands of the professionals, give Freedom Air & Heat a call. Our team of indoor air quality experts can find the best strategy for you and your home, and we’ll make sure your humidity problems become a thing of the past. For the most reliable service in the Brevard and Indian River County areas, give us a call at 321-631-6886 today for more information!