ways to keep your hvac running smoothly

In many ways, your HVAC unit can be your best friend – sorry, Fido. Without it, the heat becomes unbearable during the warmer months, and colder temperatures turn your home into an Arctic tundra. It’s critical to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly year-round, but it’s not always super clear how to do that.

Instead of racking your brain to figure out what you can do to make that dream a reality, just follow these simple tips from the experts at Freedom Air! We’ll have your HVAC unit humming along without a hitch. But if yours needs some repair, we’ve got you covered!

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

This is the most comprehensive way to ensure your unit won’t experience any hiccups. By scheduling maintenance from a professional technician, your HVAC unit’s efficiency will remain high – or it will return back to normal, if yours had been suffering.

An expert’s inspection will also reveal any lingering issues that may have been around for a while, and it’ll give you advance notice of anything that could become severely problematic down the road. Although it may seem like it’s not worth the money, routine inspections alleviate countless problems and help keep your energy bills low.

Change Your Air Filters

Those cheap, flimsy air filters you tend to forget about actually play a big part in keeping you and your family comfortable. They screen harmful particles and compounds, preventing them from entering your home and contaminating your air.

But you need to stay on top of the exchange schedule. We recommend changing your filter every 30 days or so – give or take, depending on the type of filter you use. An HVAC expert from Freedom Air & Heat can tell you which filter would be best for your home!

Avoid Messing with Your Thermostat Too Much

Although it can be tempting to adjust the temperature in your home often, doing so will cause your thermostat to work harder. It has to tell the HVAC unit to increase or decrease what it’s doing, and reversing that process requires more energy – therefore, higher bills.

Do your best to leave the thermostat as-is as much as you can. One way to compensate for the needed changes in temperature, though, is by installing a programmable thermostat. It gives you the freedom to set the temperature at certain levels throughout the day, so you don’t have to spend money heating or cooling your home during times that you know nobody will be there.

Freedom Air & Heat: Your Indian River and Brevard County HVAC Experts

When your HVAC unit is on the fritz, you need a team you can trust to correct the problem easily and efficiently. With Freedom Air & Heat, you’ve got just that. Our mission is to provide reliable service for our neighbors at a reasonable price, and we’re confident that our friendly experts can handle whatever your heating and cooling situation requires.

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