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Did you know that the last Saturday in April is considered National Rebuilding Day? If you have any plans to celebrate on the 28th by tackling some remodeling projects in your home, make sure you don’t forget to protect your HVAC system from dust, dirt, and debris.

Here are some tips from your friends at Freedom Air and Heat on how to keep your HVAC system debris-free this National Rebuilding Day (and every day).

Turn Off Your HVAC System

This might feel like an inconvenience, but when you are doing any particularly dusty or dirty work it is safest to turn your HVAC System off completely. If dust floating through the air is pulled into your system through the vents, it can build up inside your unit and cause damage or inefficiency. You might be a little sweaty for the day, but you will thank yourself later when your system is still operating smoothly.

Cover Registers and Vents

To prevent dust from falling directly inside of your HVAC system, cover up all registers and vents in areas where construction is happening. Make sure to remember to remove the covers and reopen the airflow when you have finished your projects so that your HVAC system can operate properly.

Do Prep Work Outside

Conduct as much of the prep work (cutting, sanding, etc.) that generates dust outside your home. This will not only keep your HVAC safe and clean, it will reduce the mess on your floors at home too.

Clean Up Construction Areas

Rather than waiting until the completion of a project to clear away dirt and dust, clean periodically throughout the renovations. That way if you need to turn your HVAC system back on while construction is on pause, you wont undo all of your work preventing dust from entering the system by turning it off and covering it up.

Inspect Your HVAC Equipment

After you have finished up remodeling projects inside your home, thoroughly check over all the equipment in your HVAC system. Make sure dust has not collected on the blower, indoor coil, or ductwork. If you suspect some dust might have traveled into your ductwork and settled there, schedule a ductwork cleaning service to clear out the debris.

Change Your Filter

With more dust than usual floating around in your house, your filter will have been working overtime to trap as much of it as possible before it can reenter the air. Be sure to replace your filter after finishing a renovation and consider changing it out more than once for a prolonged period of remodeling.

While you are remodeling this spring, don’t forget to take good care of your HVAC unit. Keep it safe and clean during renovation projects, then consider scheduling routine maintenance with licensed HVAC technicians so that it will continue to operate with maximum efficiency.

If you are looking for trustworthy HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair from NATE-certified technicians, contact Freedom Air and Heat at 321-631-6886.