garbage disposal maintenance tips

Your garbage disposal is a convenient and easy-to-use appliance. If you have any small food scraps to get rid of when you’re washing dishes, all you have to do is flick the switch on and your disposal will do the work for you. However, just like all appliances, your garbage disposal needs proper care. That’s why the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have come up with some helpful garbage disposal maintenance tips.

1. Avoid Putting Certain Items Down the Drain

Anything that could clog the drain or create problems for the disposal blades does not belong in your garbage disposal. This includes coffee grounds, grease, potato peelings, glass shards, and large animal bones. Your disposal is great, but it has its limits. Small bones, fruits scraps that aren’t fibrous and starchy can be fine in your disposal. Follow this rule of thumb: if you’re not sure whether it goes in the trash or disposal, it is best to just dump it in the trash.

2. Baking Soda Gets the Job Done!

To clean your disposal out and ensure it does not have any odors, dump a few teaspoons of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar in the disposal. Let the mixture set and foam—after it is done foaming, rinse it out with warm running water. If you want to add a fresh smell, grind up pieces of lemon and ice cubes in the disposal once a month or so.

3. Garbage Disposal Stuck? Keep an Allen Wrench Handy

If your garbage disposal is jammed and you don’t find any foreign substance stuck between the blades, you will have to take a more “hands on” approach. If you can’t find the wrench that comes with the disposal, use an Allen wrench. Simply insert it at the opening at the bottom of the disposal and crank it back and forth until it can turn freely. Before you do this, make sure your disposal is off and there is no water in the sink. This is a helpful tip to know, just in case your disposal ever gets stuck.

4. Use Water When Running the Disposal

When you are running the disposal to clear out your sink or any scraps, turn on cold water. After the grinding quiets down a little, turn the disposal off but let the water run for a few more seconds. This ensures your sink has cleared out and there are no particles left behind in your disposal. It is best to use cold water because hot water can easily turn any oils, grease and fat into sludge that can build up in your disposal.

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