As most homeowners in Florida know, the level of comfort and happiness in your household is only as high as the efficiency of your AC system. However, finding the system that provides year-round comfort to every member of your household can feel like a hunt for the holy grail. Luckily, the experts at Freedom Air and Heat are here to aid you on your epic quest by telling you about some of the benefits of ductless air conditioning.


  • Money Savings

First of all, you can save a good deal on your heating and cooling costs with a ductless AC system. With a 20% increase in efficiency, a ductless system doesn’t have to transmit cooled air through ducts. Operating with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, ductless AC controls the speed of the motor, rather than alternating between “on” and “off” mode. Therefore, the extremes of the stop and start cycles are altogether eliminated.


  • Maximized Comfort

Secondly, because a ductless system is more flexible in its configuration, you have more control over placement of the units, similar to the convenience of a zone control system. In most cases, different portions of a house maintain different temperatures, depending on the size of the room and the function each space serves. Consequently, to maximize the comfort in your home, you need more than a one-size-fits-all whole-home system. With the option to place units in any part of your home without major demolition, you can achieve maximum comfort throughout your house.


  • It’s Friendlier to the Environment

Next on our list of benefits is the ability to reduce your carbon footprint with a ductless AC system. Because you are able to independently run units as needed, the amount of energy waste from cooling or heating rooms not in use is greatly reduced. Therefore, the reduced energy usage of a ductless system reduces the environmental impact that more traditional systems have.


  • It Satisfies Individual Temperature Preferences

Another benefit to be enjoyed with a ductless system by every member of your household is the autonomy over the temperature in separate spaces. Most of us are all-too familiar with the classic family feud over differing temperature preferences. With a ductless system, the days of fighting for control over a whole-home thermostat can be put behind you. Because you can place individually-controlled units in different rooms, your family members or roommates can enjoy full control over the comfort of their own space.


  • Operation is Virtually Noiseless

Also included on the list of benefits of a ductless system is the silent operation of the units. More often than not, AC units can be very noisy, making it harder to relax at work or at home. Furthermore, noisy units can stand in the way of a good night’s sleep. However, with a ductless system, the major parts of the units are placed on the exterior of your home, so much of the operation is performed away from your indoor living space. In fact, you may not even realize the unit is running!


  • Installation is a Breeze

An additional benefit is the easy installation of a ductless system. Because large duct systems require extensive construction and remodeling, the installation process can upend your day-to-day routine dramatically. Furthermore, the large-scale destruction and reconstruction of your house can really disturb the architectural integrity of the building. However, a ductless system requires very little time to install and can be done with minimal modification to your house.


  • Easier Maintenance

Another benefit of a ductless system is the easy maintenance. Considering the expensive regular cleaning and maintenance you must perform, a duct system can be a money and time pit. Furthermore, even with all that maintenance, the air quality  is still lower than that of a ductless system. Conversely, a ductless system requires little maintenance, and delivers better air quality and higher efficiency.


  • It Offers Ductless Heating

In addition to upgrading your AC with a ductless system, you are upgrading your heater. Therefore, you can enjoy the same benefits of autonomous temperature control, higher efficiency, quieter units, and money savings.


  • Improved Air Quality

Last but not least on our list of benefits is the improvement this system makes in your home’s air quality. Because duct work can carry dust, dander, and even develop mold or mildew, your home’s air takes the hit. Even with regular maintenance, ducts can still spread particles that are hazardous to your health. However, with a ductless system, these particles are not introduced to your indoor air. Furthermore, ductless systems offer extensive filtration to eliminate additional particles in the air.


Experience the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning for Yourself!


Are you ready to make the change to ductless and experience these benefits for yourself? Let the passionate team at Freedom Air take those next steps toward efficiency with you! For help with any of your cooling needs, enlist the service of a Freedom Air and Heat pro by calling us at 321-631-6886 or by filling out a service request form on our website!