tips to get your security deposit back

Moving is an exhausting, and often expensive, undertaking. If you’re moving out, the last thing you need is a notice your security deposit will not be returned.

If you want your deposit returned, you will probably need to make a few repairs. Some repairs are easy. For example, a dirty tub can be cleaned, and a burnt-out lightbulb can be replaced. However, other issues are not so simply fixed. A hole in the drywall, or a loose showerhead are more costly, and more challenging repairs.

The plumbing and HVAC maintenance experts at Freedom Air are here to help you get your security deposit back in full.

Maintenance Tips to Get Your Security Deposit Back

  1. Patch Small Holes in the Drywall

Paintings and other hangings often leave small holes in the drywall. Minor imperfections can be easily fixed by smoothing a thin layer of non-shrink joint compound on the wall. Holes less than two inches in diameter can be fixed by completing the following steps.

  • First, if necessary, clean up the area with a utility knife.
  • Lightly wet the area with a spray bottle filled with water.
  • Apply non-shrink joint compound with a putty knife to the area, and smooth it.
  • Once the compound has dried, lightly sand the area with sandpaper.
  1. Change Your Air Filter

Air Filters should be replaced every one to three months. Replacing them is a relatively easy task, provided you purchase the correct size filter.

  • First, bring a picture of your old air filter to the store so you know exactly what model to purchase.
  • After purchasing the filter, turn your HVAC unit off.
  • Remove the old filter and replace it with the new filter. Be sure that the arrows on the new filter match the direction of airflow through the HVAC unit.
  • Turn the HVAC unit on.
  1. Fix a Loose Showerhead

You don’t need to hire a plumber to fix a loose showerhead. All you need is some spray foam insulation.

  • Remove the plate that covers the showerhead.
  • Cover the tile with tape, leaving the area where the showerhead meets the wall uncovered.
  • Spray the foam into the uncovered space.
  • Let the foam set, then carve the excess away.
  • Remove the tape and replace the cover plate.
  1. Fix Loose Cabinet Knobs

Loose cabinet knobs often go un-repaired because they are easy to ignore. However, a loose cabinet knob could prevent you from receiving your deposit in full.

  • Remove the knob but leave the screw to which it’s attached in the cabinet.
  • Apply a drop of thread adhesive to the screw.
  • Replace the cabinet knob.
  1. Sticking Drawers

You may have gotten used to a drawer that requires an extra tug, or a little shimmying, but your landlord will charge you for it. Luckily, sticky drawers have an easy fix.

  • First, remove the drawer.
  • Wipe the tracks on the drawer, and the tracks in the dresser or cabinet clean.
  • Apply a light spray lubricant to the tracks and the rollers, then replace the drawer.

The Freedom Air team hopes that these maintenance tips to get your security deposit back are helpful. However, if there is an HVAC or plumbing issue you can’t solve, do not hesitate to contact us. Our N.A.T.E. certified technicians are ready to serve members of the Brevard and Indian River communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us at 321-631-6886, or on our website.

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