solar energy

It’s almost that time of year, when the summer begins calming down and cooler temperatures slowly creep into the air. The change in environment is definitely welcome here in Cocoa, but the less-than-fun part of that is we suddenly need to switch to using our home’s heating source more.

Although we don’t need to heat our homes here as much as, say, people up North do, we’ve still got to stay warm. Instead of spending money to power a furnace you don’t get a lot of use out of, have you considered a solar heating system? Freedom Air and Heat can help you determine if you should!

What Is a Solar Energy Heating System?

At Freedom Air and Heat, we are thrilled to install a very specific type of solar heating system from SunSource. This one routes the sun’s energy to your home’s electrical grid, and the power then goes to the heating and cooling unit. In the end, it serves the same purpose as a traditional system, but it cuts out the energy-generation process.

By taking in the energy from the sun that is already available – and free – a solar system shaves a significant amount of the cost associated with powering your home off the energy bill. A traditional unit has to both create the energy and use more to disperse it throughout your home, while a solar system only has to perform half of that.

How Else Can Solar Energy Help?

The benefits don’t stop there. We’ve already established what the heating and cooling process looks like in a solar system – but what if it generates more energy than you need to effectively maintain the temperature in your home? Or what if you’re not using your thermostat at all? Here’s where it gets good.

Whenever that situation presents itself, all that excess energy actually gets re-routed back into your home through your electrical grid! Whether that means extra power diverted to your refrigerator, your TV, your lights, or anything else, it’s getting powered!

Anything Else?

You bet. If all that surplus energy ends up not getting used at all – like if the additional power wouldn’t have made a difference for your home anyway – then it gets sent back to the utility company and you get a credit. Federal and state tax credits are also potentially available!

When you have a SunSource solar heating and cooling system installed, you also get access to a dashboard – available online – that lets you see all sorts of statistics pertaining to your energy usage. It tells you how much you’re contributing to the environment as well, so you can feel good about your system while the savings roll in too!

A solar heating and cooling system can offer plenty of benefits that you wouldn’t receive with a traditional HVAC system. No matter if you’re a seasoned solar energy user or brand-new to the whole experience, Freedom Air and Heat can help you out!

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