How to Fix a Water Leak

One of the most common ways homeowners waste water is by letting water leaks go ignored. While these leaks might seem like small problems at first, they can quickly turn into bigger and expensive issues. However, you can easily fix some of the less complicated problems—and the pros at Freedom Air and Heat, Inc. are here to teach you how to fix a water leak.

  1. Leaks Under the Sink

If you open the cabinet underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink, you should quickly be able to notice if there are any stains in or around the cabinet. Another way you can tell if there is a leak under the sink is by using a dry tissue paper and running it over the connections between the pipes. If there is a significant damp spot on the tissue, that means you are dealing with a leak under your sink. You should tackle this issue as soon as possible because consistent leaks might ruin the base of the sink and cabinet floor, and even cause mold growth. Here is how you can fix these under-the-sink leaks:

  • Supply Leaks

If there is a leak in the supply lines under your sink, you might want to try tightening the packing nut on the shutoff valve. If that does not work, try tightening the compression nut as well. If that does not work either, you might have to disassemble the pipes and coat the gasket in Teflon compound joint and try again.

  • Drain Leaks

If there is a leak in the slip joint, try tightening the slip nut. If that doesn’t work, you might have to undo the joint and coat the gasket in Teflon compound joint and try to assemble the fitting back again.

  1. Flapper Leaks

There are many reasons why your toilet might be leaking but one of the most common ones is a flapper leak. The flapper is the seal between the toilet tank and toilet bowl. When you pull the flush lever, water from the tank goes past the seal and into the bowl, effectively flushing the toilet. However, if the flapper is old and worn-out, it might develop some cracks. This might lead to water continuing to drip into the bowl, long after you have flushed the toilet. To fix this problem, purchase a new flapper from your nearest home improvement store. Make sure you get the right size and type to replace your old flapper.

  1. Caulking Leaks

Caulking is sealant that is applied around the edges of sinks and bathtubs. Constant exposure to water can lead to caulking deteriorating overtime. If you notice the caulking around your tub or sink is wearing out, reapply new caulking. In addition, be sure to remove excess moisture whenever you are done using the shower or sink.

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