homeowner resolutions

The new year is a chance to reinvent yourself completely, whether it’s your habits, hobbies or, of course, your home! If you have been thinking of making some changes around your house, these few weeks before 2020 are a great time to sit down and plan them all out. By setting reachable resolutions and committing to them, your home (and you of course) will become the newer and improved version in no time! To help you get a jumpstart, the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have provided a list of homeowner resolutions for 2020 below.

1. Set an Alarm to Change Your Filter

Changing your air filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can maintain your HVAC system. By changing your filter at least once or twice a month, you can maintain a healthy indoor air quality and consistent air flow throughout your home. In addition, you can lower your unit’s energy consumption by up to 15% just by popping in a new filter. A clogged air filter on the other hand, can not only reduce your system’s life span but it can cause more expensive issues such as a frozen evaporator coil. If you found yourself having trouble remembering to change it this year, start 2020 off by setting a reminder to change your filter a month or so from the last time you changed it. You can also go the extra mile by getting a Smart Thermostat. This kind of thermostat has Wi-Fi-connectivity and has numerous features, including a reminder to change your filter.

2. Find Ways to Save Energy on Your HVAC System

While we’re on the subject of HVAC maintenance, here’s another good homeowner resolution: Find creative ways to save up on your unit’s energy consumption! One effective way to do this is to leave your thermostat higher or lower by a few degrees from its normal setting when you are not home. According to the Department of Energy, this method can save you as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling costs.

Another way you can save money (this is only applicable to hotter weather) is by using ceiling fans. Simply turn up your thermostat by a few degrees and turn on ceiling fans to remain cool. While ACs cool rooms, ceiling fans only cool you by creating a wind-chill effect.

3. Create a Cleaning System

Don’t start off 2020 with a dirty home. Come up with an effective cleaning system for the day and for the week. Dedicate weekends to deeper cleaning and involve all the occupants of your home in cleaning duties. Have each person rotate each day or week so no one feels like they are doing all the work and you can get a day’s worth of work done in an hour.

4. Clean Out Your Kitchen Appliances

Take the next few weeks to do a thorough cleaning of some of your frequently used appliances such as your dishwasher and fridge. Here are some things to keep in mind when you clean out these appliances:


  • Clean out the debris buildup in your dishwasher’s filter, which is located on the floor of the unit beneath the lower spray arm. Remove the filter and gently hand wash with soap and warm water.
  • Clean out the spray or spinning arms using a toothbrush, soap and warm running water. Food particles can easily get stuck in the holes in these arms.
  • You can also use vinegar to clean out your dishwasher—simply place a dishwasher safe container on the top or bottom rack and pour a cup of vinegar into it. Run your dishwasher on a hot water cycle.


  • Empty out the contents of the fridge and dispose of any expired items.
  • Remove the shelves and drawers and wash them with warm soapy water and a sponge. After washing them thoroughly, lay them out to dry.
  • If there are any particularly dirty areas in your fridge, use a vinegar and water solution to target those areas. Let the solutions sit before wiping it down.

Be Prepared for 2020 With Freedom Air!

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