Does My Furnace Need to Be Tuned Up?

The transition to colder weather involves a lot of turning gears and moving parts, both literally and figuratively. You’ve got to mentally prepare yourself for colder weather – although that’s not always a given here in Cocoa – as well as switching to different equipment.

No appliance might be more critical to staying comfortable in chillier temperatures than your furnace. Although it hasn’t been put to work in a while, you’ll need it here soon enough. But before you crank the heat up, it would probably be in your best interest to have it tuned up. Why? Let Freedom Air & Heat explain.

What’s the Point?

That’s a fair question, and it’s one you might be asking. If you haven’t used your furnace in a while, it’s normal to expect that it wouldn’t need to be serviced. After all, it can’t break if it hasn’t been operating, right?

Not so fast. Even though your furnace might have been lying dormant for the better part of the year, it still suffers through wear and tear and needs to be looked at. How many other appliances would you just assume still worked perfectly fine after several months of sitting around? A few, perhaps, but not many.

A furnace is no different – and with something as critical to your family’s comfort as this, it just makes more sense not to take any chances.

Other Benefits

Besides simply doing your due diligence, having your furnace tuned up makes sense on a number of other levels as well.

  • For one, a tune-up extends the lifespan of your furnace. When a technician takes a look at it, they’ll be able to identify what exactly in your furnace needs fixing or correcting. Even a minor adjustment can add years to your furnace’s life.
  • It’ll also improve efficiency as well as give you a heads-up on potential trouble spots. Your unit will start to run better, and you’ll be able to repair any tiny issues the technician spotted well before they grow into larger, disastrous problems.
  • Your energy bills will start to decrease, too! Some tune-ups can increase your unit’s efficiency by 30 percent, which will translate to more money in your pocket every month.

You Might Be Required to Get One Anyway

Now, that might not have convinced you to have your furnace tuned up, but depending on your unit, you might not have a choice. Most HVAC manufacturers require annual inspections or tune-ups in the fine print.

They do this so that if something breaks, then they can ensure they aren’t forking out money to repair something that wasn’t their fault. You might feel backed into a corner, but a tune-up isn’t a negative by any means.

Freedom Air & Heat: The Furnace Experts

The most reliable furnace technicians in the area are always ready and waiting to help you get a tune-up. We’d love to turn your home into a cozy and comfortable place for you and your family this winter, so give us a call at 321-631-6886 today!