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hvac condenser fan isn't working

The condenser fan is the key to the lifespan of your HVAC unit. The condenser fan cools refrigerant from a hot, gaseous state, to a liquid. When the condenser fan is well-maintained, it prolongs the life of the entire HVAC unit. It is important to keep the fan in good repair.

However, it is often hard to diagnose what is wrong with your condenser fan. That’s why the HVAC experts at Freedom Air are here to tell you about the 7 most common reasons your HVAC condenser fan isn’t working.

1. Capacitor Problems

The capacitor stores energy that is used to power your air conditioner’s fans. There are several reasons the capacitor of your HVAC unit can fail. These include overheating, running too long, power surges, and age.

When the capacitor fails, the condenser fan will no longer rotate.

2. Contactor Problems

The contactor is a switch found inside your HVAC unit that controls the voltage distributed to the compressor and condenser fan motor. Over time, the contactor switch gets worn, and will stop providing voltage to the condenser fan. Naturally, this will cause the condenser fan to fail.

3. Burnt Out Motor

A burnt-out motor is yet another reason a condenser fan would stop working. Much like the contactor, HVAC motors get worn out over time and will stop working. This will cut power to the condenser fan.

Though a burnt-out motor seems like a serious problem, it actually presents an excellent opportunity. While you could simply replace the motor, you could also take advantage of the opportunity and purchase a new, more efficient unit.

4. Loose or Broken Belt

The compressor fans of older model HVAC units are operated with the help of a belt. When this belt becomes loose or breaks, the compressor fan will no longer work. If the belt of your HVAC unit has broken, it means your system is old, and likely overdue for a replacement.

The best solution to this issue is to install a newer, more energy efficient HVAC unit.

5. Unit Not Receiving Power

Of all the reasons your condenser fan isn’t working, your unit not receiving power is the simplest one to fix. Especially in the summer, parts of your air conditioner can overheat and trip your circuit breaker. This will shut off your unit.

If your unit has shut off, check your circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, flip the breaker to ‘off’ then back to ‘on.’ If the issue persists, contact a professional.

6. Blocked Air Filter

Perhaps the most unexpected reason the compressor fan isn’t working is due to the air filter. HVAC air filters should be changed every one-to-three months. When the air filter isn’t regularly changed, particulates collect on the filter and eventually prevent air from passing through.

This blockage will strain your compressor fan. Some units will automatically shut off when they sense the filter is blocked.

7. The Fan Itself

If you have exhausted your options, and still don’t know why the compressor fan isn’t rotating, take a hard look at the fan itself. Is it damaged? Are the bearings damaged or covered in sludge? If so, call in a professional to repair it.

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