ways to unclog your toilet

A clogged toilet can be frustrating and a little messy to deal with. However, it is also easy to fix, since there are so many ways to unclog your toilet. To help you out, the pros at Freedom Air and Heat have made a list of particularly effective methods to unclog your toilet.

1. The Handy-Dandy Plunger

The plunger is a cheap and effective tool that many plumbers use to unclog their toilet. With a simple push and pull maneuver, you can free the clog and have your toilet running in no time. However, make sure the plunger you use isn’t the standard cup shaped plunger. For just $5, you can purchase a plunger with an extended flange. The flange narrows the mouth of the plunger, making it easier for the plunger to create suction at the base of your toilet. The cup plunger is more effective to unclog sink drains. However, you don’t need a separate cup shaped plunger for that—simply fold the flap on the flange plunger inward.

2. DIY Tool: Wire from A Coat Hanger

This DIY tool is a great and inexpensive way to unclog your toilet. For this, you will need to unravel and straighten out the wire from a coat hanger. Then wrap the end of the wire in a small rag, to prevent the sharp end from ruining your toilet’s porcelain. After that, push the end of the wire (the one wrapped in the rag) into the drain. If the obstruction is in the first few inches of the drain, this method will surely push the obstruction through. You will be able to tell this method is working if your toilet starts to drain.

3. Baking Soda, Vinegar and Hot Water

Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of distilled white vinegar in the toilet. Follow that mixture up with half a gallon of hot but not boiling water. Be sure to pour the water from waist level, as the force of water can push or dissipate the clog. Let this mixture sit overnight—if it is effective, the water in the toilet will most likely have drained away by morning.

4. Chemical Drain Cleaner

If the home remedies don’t work, you might want to consider going to the store and getting some Drano or any drain cleaner. These chemicals must be used as last resort since they can corrode your drains and are harmful for you. Make sure to check the packaging if the drain cleaner you plan to purchase is okay to use in your toilet. Some drain cleaners specifically state that they can be damaging to toilets.

Unclog Your Toilet with Freedom Air and Heat!

We hope this list of ways to unclog your toilet is helpful. If you want to learn more about how you can unclog or fix your toilet, get in touch with the pros at Freedom Air and Heat! Call us today at 321-631-6886 or schedule an appointment on our website!