keeping your car cool

Did you know that on an 80-degree day, the temperature inside your car can reach over 120 degrees? Aside from the discomfort and physical harm of being exposed to this level of heat, it can also damage the interior of your car. To help you beat the heat, Freedom Air and Heat is here to share some tips for keeping your car cool this summer!

Start at the Source

First of all, the best way to counteract an overheated car is to block heat at the source. Just like the windows in your home, the windows in your car absorb heat from the sun. Because your car is a small, enclosed space, that heat becomes trapped, thereby slowly baking your car from the inside. Consequently, the most effective solutions to protect your car from overheating should address the initial heat source and the subsequent lack of proper ventilation. To help you explore your options, here are some pro tips for keeping your car cool this summer:

  1. Keep it Covered

As previously explained, you should start by addressing the source of the heat. With that in mind, you can reduce the amount of heat transfer by covering your windshield with a sunshade or visor while your car is parked. Similar to the design of cool roof material, these visors are usually made of material that reflects sunlight and reduce heat absorption. In addition to using a sunshade or visor, you can invest in a dash cover. Designed to protect your dashboard surface, dash covers reduce heat absorption and keep your sensitive vinyl safe from sun damage. 

  1. Cover Your Steering Wheel

Another jarring and unpleasant experience is burning your hands on a scalding hot steering wheel. To avoid this unfortunate experience, you can cover your steering wheel with a small towel while your car is parked. Not only will this help keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down, but it will protect the material from sun damage.   

  1. Park it Out of the Sun

As a more obvious solution, you can always look for parking spaces that are out of the direct sunlight. Whether you choose a shadier spot or opt for a garage parking, you will be glad you did when you slide into a cooler car with a seat that won’t burn the top layer of skin off your legs.  

  1. Upgrade Your Windows

If you don’t mind making an investment in a more long-term solution, you could invest in window tinting. Whether you have it professionally done or you make it a DIY project, tinting your windows can drastically reduce heat transfer.

  1. Crack Some Windows

Now that we’ve covered some solutions to address the heat source, it’s time to address the issue of poor ventilation. As our first and most obvious solution, we recommend cracking some windows. Not only can this give heat a place to go while your car is parked, but it can be used to give your AC a break while you’re driving. If you are using this method to ventilate your parked car, it’s important to make sure the crack is not big enough to fit an arm through. Although this may seem like too small of an opening, even the slightest crack will help circulate the air in your car and vent the heat to the outside.

  1. Invest in a Solar-Powered Fan

Another fantastic solution to promote ventilation in your car is using a battery or solar-powered fan. Especially when used in conjunction with cracked windows, a fan can effectively circulate the air in the cabin, directing hot air toward through the window cracks.

     7. Cover Your Seats

To avoid the daily struggle of burning your legs, you can cover the seats in your car with towels, blankets, or cooling seat covers. Especially if your car has vinyl or leather seats, this can be a game-changing solution.

  1. Invest in Air-Conditioned Seats

For a more long-term investment, you can upgrade to air-conditioned seats, or purchase a car that already has this luxury. Although this feature can be pricy, it may prove to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made if you live in a hotter climate like that of Florida.

  1. Upgrade to a Remote Start

While using the re-circulate feature of your AC can help your car cool down faster, a remote start upgrade is another great solution to explore. With remote start, you can start your car and blast that AC before you enter with the push of a button. As long as you are at least 1 mile away from your car, this feature will work to cool your car in advance.  

  1. Purchase an Auto Car Cooler

Another investment you can make is purchasing an auto car cooler. In fact, you can even purchase a device that can cool or warm your car, depending upon the season. With many solar-powered options on the market, there is a variety of auto car cooler fans that will help keep your parked car cool and ventilated while you are away.

  1. Take Care of Your Car’s AC System

Much like your home AC system, your car air conditioner relies on an evaporator, condenser, and compressor to operate. Therefore, routine professional maintenance is just as necessary to keep your car’s AC running smoothly. Therefore, you should get a full AC service for your car at least once a year.

Keep Your Home as Cool as Your Car

Not surprisingly, many of these same tips for keeping your car cool this summer can be applied to your home AC system. With the right ventilation and maintenance, you can beat the heat all summer, both in your car and at home! If you are ready to discover the best summertime solutions for your home, it’s time to enlist the help of a Freedom Air and Heat pro. Call us today at 321-631-6886 or fill out a service request form on our website!