A furnace is one of our most trusted appliances in the home. When it’s chugging along, heating and cooling our home like it’s supposed to, you hardly notice it – if at all. Only when that well-oiled machine breaks down do you become aware of how important it is to maintaining the level of comfort you and your family are used to. You’d rather catch any problems on the front end rather than being forced to deal with them after they’ve knocked your furnace out of commission, obviously. By having your furnace undergo a tune-up, you can ensure you get out in front of the issues that can lead to problematic situations later down the road. If you notice any of these symptoms, it might be time to have someone come out and perform a quick and easy inspection on your furnace to make sure there aren’t any potentially catastrophic problems lingering around. Freedom Air & Heat’s team of experienced technicians can spot any and all problematic indicators and have them fixed or eliminated in no time!

Lots of Weird Noises

When your furnace is operating as intended, it’s honestly hard to notice. It makes sounds, of course, but you become so accustomed to them that you hardly hear them anymore. When you start hearing a groaning, rattling, dripping, hissing, squeaking or anything else out of the ordinary, you should put in a call to a professional. Something could be seriously wrong, and time is of the essence.

A Spike in Poor Air Quality

If you suddenly become aware that there’s more dust floating around, or if you and your family start coughing or sneezing with no prior indicators, your furnace might be at fault. When it starts to break down, the pollutants and contaminants that normally get filtered out start leaking in.

Heating/Cooling Not Being Used Properly

Whenever the thermostat gets set, it doesn’t usually take too long for the temperature to adjust to what you set it to. However, if it’s been a while and the comfort level still hasn’t reached the level you set it to, your furnace might be struggling to operate correctly. Before assuming the worst, though, check the fuse box, because there’s a chance it could simply be a case of a tripped breaker.


Moisture levels are, for the most part, kept in check when a furnace is running. But when it starts to break down, excess moisture takes hold of the damp, dark corners of your ducts, and that becomes an ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold, of course, leads to a bevy of problematic symptoms and can be extremely hazardous. Once you notice these signs, have someone come take a look at it as soon as possible.   This isn’t a comprehensive list of every sign that your furnace needs a tune-up, of course. Not every furnace gives off the same signals that something is wrong, and nobody knows how yours operates better than you do. However, these indicators are generally pretty clear-cut red flags that something is wrong, and it would be in your best interest to have someone inspect your furnace – if anything, just to be safe. Give Freedom Air & Heat a call at 321-631-6886 and schedule an appointment today!