how to beat the heat with natural methods

What’s the best way to make sure your home doesn’t get too hot? Obviously, the easy answer is to just use your AC for a significant portion of the day. That’s one way to do it, and it makes the most sense. It’s simple, too, because all you’ve got to do is flip a switch or press a button and suddenly the air is frigid!

Not everyone can do that every day because – as we know – using your AC every day can result in a particularly expensive energy bill, and nobody wants that. Unfortunately, too many people are cornered into this option simply because they don’t know of any other way to create a naturally cooler environment at home.

Well, fear no more. Freedom Air & Heat’s team of experienced technicians have compiled a handful of ways that you and your family can beat the heat without forking over your hard-earned money. The benefits don’t stop there: our group of experienced professionals can maximize your AC’s efficiency if you’d prefer to just use it instead, and we’re always ready to help our east Florida neighbors!

Seal Windows and Doors

The prevailing idea for containing the cool air in your home is just that – keeping it inside while making sure the hot, humid Florida air stays confined outdoors where it can’t leak into your home. Invest in sealing treatment for your doors and windows to trap the valuable crisp air inside, and you’ll maximize whatever air is in there already without wasting any cooling.

Shut Curtains

One of the biggest contributing factors to a hotter interior is the blazing rays of the sun shining through windows. Take care of this by making sure your curtains on any sun-facing windows are tightly drawn. For an extra layer of protection, swap those curtains out with blackout models, which are explicitly designed to be a more effective method of blocking the sun’s rays.

Use Fans

Fans of all kinds – ceiling, standalone and bathroom – will help the air problem. They won’t add any cool air to the circulation, but they’ll get the air that’s already there back to moving, which can contribute a cooling effect. Bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans aren’t exactly the same, but they take in the hot air you create while showering/cooking.

Crack Windows in Morning and Night

The folks in Texas have this figured out, so much so that this method is commonly known as “Texas Cool.” By opening windows while the air is still cool during the early and late parts of the day, you can let your home take in some of the cooler temperatures that will ideally work their way around throughout the day or night.

Dress Cooler

You’re probably aware that wearing darker-colored clothes will attract heat, while lighter-colored ones will repel it and keep you cooler. However, that isn’t only limited to being outside – it works indoors as well! Try to wear clothes that aren’t as heavy, too.

Staying cool doesn’t need to be a risky financial proposition! Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to beating the heat without breaking the bank. The folks at Freedom Air & Heat don’t stop there, either. We’re prepared to do whatever we can do help you and your family stay cool as summer begins drawing to a close, so give us a call at 321-631-6886 for AC and other HVAC tips!