does your ac need repairing

Well, there it goes again. The AC’s been giving you loads of trouble lately, but you’ve been able to ignore it for the most part. Maybe you haven’t needed to use it as much, or perhaps the weather’s been great – more so than it usually is. A malfunctioning AC doesn’t make anyone’s day better, and you’d rather have it fixed or replaced than continue using something you aren’t sure works as it’s intended to.

So, does your AC need repairing?

You could keep playing with fire, so to speak, and hoping the AC doesn’t stop working again. But what if it does, and what if it’s gone for good this time? The safe bet might be to just have it repaired and avoid all the trouble you could potentially run into. However, repairs aren’t exactly the cheapest things to pay for, and most would rather avoid having to pony up and pay for one if you can go without. Let the professionals at Freedom Air & Heat give you a quick guide on when to make the call for the repair, and when to let it slide. Of course, should you decide to have it done, our team offers the most reliable service in Cocoa!

Keep a Watchful Eye and Ear Out

More often than not, the key to knowing if your AC is on its last legs is by being especially aware of how it sounds and looks. By that, we mean that paying attention to how it is performing is the easiest way to determine the quality of its performance.

  • Is the airflow bad? Maybe the AC is having a harder time circulating air through your home and has to work overtime to reach the temperature you want.
  • Excessively high bills are also a surefire indicator, and that’s usually one of the results of a poor unit. Similar to the previous point, when an AC unit has to kick its power output up a notch in order to properly cool your home, you’ll usually feel the brunt of that effort when you receive your energy bill each month.
  • Is it making a lot of noise? Rattling, whining, squeaking and creaking are all indicators that something — although you can’t be quite sure what — is affecting your AC’s performance. Have a technician come look at it to determine what the specific problem is.

How Old Is Your AC?

One thing that matters a great deal is the age of your unit. AC units that have been installed for longer than 15 years are more prone to breakage anyway, so if yours is creeping on up there in age, then it might be time to have it replaced instead of just repairing it.

The general rule of thumb to abide by when deciding this is to use what most technicians call the “5,000” rule. If the age of your unit in years, when multiplied by the cost of a potential repair, exceeds 5,000, then it’s a better idea to have it scrapped and get a new unit instead of paying to repair something that will likely break again soon anyway.

Freedom Air’s AC experts will be able to tell you if you need to have your unit repaired, or if it’s something that can be fixed in a day. For the top-rated and most trusted service in Cocoa, give us a call at 321-631-6886 and have one of our technicians take a look! Don’t wait until your AC is broken for good — get out in front of the problem!