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How Often Should I Get My AC Tuned Up?

  As a Florida resident, you live for that invigorating first step indoors during the summer months. You know that moment I am talking about – you open your front door to a rejuvenating blast of cold air as you abandon the heat for your air-conditioned home. Imagine losing that relief from the heat if […]


How to Beat the Heat With Natural Methods

What’s the best way to make sure your home doesn’t get too hot? Obviously, the easy answer is to just use your AC for a significant portion of the day. That’s one way to do it, and it makes the most sense. It’s simple, too, because all you’ve got to do is flip a switch […]


Reduce Humidity in Your Cocoa Home

Humidity is impossible to ignore in the east Florida area we live in. As we approach the official beginning of the summer months, the amount of humidity in the air is going to grow larger and larger, and then we’ll be scrambling to crank up the air conditioner as high as it will go.


How to Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system provides unending comfort for you and yours, and quite possibly unwanted pests as well. When you’ve got intruders on your lawn, they’re more than a nuisance; some have the ability to wreak havoc on your garden, your garage and yes, even your HVAC system.


How to Tell if Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

A furnace is one of our most trusted appliances in the home. When it’s chugging along, heating and cooling our home like it’s supposed to, you hardly notice it – if at all. Only when that well-oiled machine breaks down do you become aware of how important it is to maintaining the level of comfort […]