are ac covers necessary

As we inch closer to the winter season and farther away from summer, the process of winterizing your heating and cooling system officially gets underway. While you check off all the boxes that normally accompany that transition, you may be considering some additional measures you don’t usually take.

One of the questions we often get from concerned neighbors is whether they should invest in an AC cover, and that’s a reasonable thing to ask! After all, an AC cover (or more specifically – a condenser cover) should help, right? It’ll keep unwanted elements out, not to mention any wayward curious pests.

But are AC covers actually necessary? If that’s something you’re considering installing, then read on. Freedom Air & Heat, your go-to heating and cooling provider in Cocoa, has the lowdown on these additions to your outdoor condenser unit. We’ll weigh the pros and cons, and hopefully you’ll come out on the other side a more informed customer.

The Pros

For starters, adding an AC cover can very well give you the type of protection you’re looking for. An AC cover definitely adds an extra layer of protection, and it can make a difference when you need it. The thing is, they’re really only ideal for areas that have to endure lots of harsh elements. Places where snow is extremely heavy, or where frequent hail is a point of concern are good examples.

That’s not the case here in Florida. We get a lot of rain, but that’s not something you’d need an AC cover for. Outdoor condenser units for your AC system are designed, obviously to be outside. They have the necessary protection to weather the usual array of rain, wind and debris that comes their way.

The Cons

On the other hand, an AC cover can actually end up being more harmful to your unit than helpful, especially here. Ask anyone who lives around the area what they’re most concerned about it, and odds are they’ll tell you it’s the humidity. When you stick an AC cover on your outdoor unit, you’re actually going to end up trapping the moisture that builds up, and that can harm it.

And since we run our AC units so often anyway, thanks to the Florida heat that never seems to go away, all the heat we’re expelling from the outdoor unit will get caught. It will all build up and end up causing problems, because it doesn’t have anywhere to go.

The cover also won’t keep pests out. Rats, mice, and other small animals are drawn to darker, damp places, so creating a shaded area for them to hang out in isn’t ideal. Adding an AC cover will do just that.

So, Yes or No?

So, to put it simply, an AC cover can provide the benefits you think it does – just not as much in Florida. If you’re in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or in the Northeast, then it might be a different story. But for our Cocoa residents, we’d advise against having one installed.

Should you have any other AC or heating questions, don’t hesitate to give Freedom Air & Heat a call at 321-631-6886. We’re here to help with whatever you need, and our team members will be here to answer any questions you have!